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Documents for project applications and reports

Before you start, please make sure that your project idea meets our funding guidelines.

We consciously decided to keep the bureaucratic obstacles and your effort as low as possible.

For new (time limited) projects, please use our application A form.

For a subsequent funding of projects that have already been accepted for a time unlimited funding, please use the application FR form.

Please note that a renewed application can only be funded, if former status reports with complete evidence of expenditure were examined and regarded as correct.  

For ZGAP-DGHT projects (reptilians and amphibians) please use the application A-DGHT form.

Please send the completed application form only to the email address of our project management:


We will consider your application based on our funding guidelines and our financial possibilities and contact you as soon as possible.

Please note that the project management is mainly working in an honorary capacity, so the review of your application might take some time.

Please understand that forms which are incomplete or were sent in the wrong way, cannot be processed at all or only on a deferred basis.

Thank you very much for your co-operation!